FACES Services

FACES offers many services to meet your needs.

You can access a PDF version of the services here: Services Menu

We offer a variety of different services to meet your needs:


Private sessions with the therapist

Fees on a sliding scale.

  • Individual
  • Couples
  • Co-parenting
  • Crisis Counseling
Individual Psychotherapy/Family Counseling
  • High Conflict Family Issues
  • Co-Parenting Counseling
  • Post-Divorce Adjustment
  • Extended Mediation
  • Single Parenting Issues
  • Post-Divorce Family Issues
  • Step Parenting
  • Identity Issues
  • Stress Issues
  • Depression, Anxiety
  • Anger Issues
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Family Violence Counseling
Individual Personal Empowerment Sessions for Women
  • Self-Esteem; Boundaries
  • Stress Management
  • Parenting Skill Building
  • Communcation Skills - Assertion
  • Job Seeking Skills
Couples Counseling -- Marital, Pre-Marital, Conjoint
Substance Abuse
  • Family Rules
  • Expectations
  • Family History Review
  • Communication
  • Assertion Training
  • Boundaries
  • Substance Abuse Issues
  • Addictions

Parent/Child Counseling
  • Communication
  • Appropriate Expression of Feelings
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Family Rules
  • Strengthening Relationships
Co-parenting Counseling
Chemical Dependency
  • Similar to Extended Mediation
  • Focus on Time-Sharing Child
  • Teach Healthy Communication Skills to Co-Parent Successfully
  • Parent Disagreement after Several Modification Hearings
  • Frustration Over Parenting Styles of the Other Parent
  • Chemical Dependency Issues with Other Parent
  • Children Being Pulled by Either Parent
Adult Children of Divorce Counseling
  • Adults' Affected by Parents' Divorce
  • Adults with commitment issues, fear of confrontation issues, etc.
Reunification Counseling

Dealing with issues after separation, for example:

  • Child is estranged from parent
  • Parent has been absent and wants a safe forum to get reacquainted with the child
  • Parent has been accused of violence in the home
  • Child doesn’t want to visit with the other parent
  • Child doesn’t know the other parent
  • One parent refuses to send the child to the other parent’s home

Meet Our Counselors

Roxana Vargas


Roxana is a veteran MFT Associate with several years experience in English and Spanish working with families, couples and children. Her warm, professional listening skills attract her clients to continue to their goals.

Karen Lorenz

FACES Associate

Karen Lorenz works with teens, parents and individuals. She has been with FACES Counseling for 6 years. Contact Karen

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